Institut Mines-Télécom reveals its overall strategy for 2023-2027

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Increasing Institut Mines-Télécom’s impact for the benefit of society.

Created in the 19th century to meet France’s economic and industrial development needs, Institut Mines-Télécom graduate schools have accompanied every revolution in industry and communications. Through research and training engineers, managers and PhD students and support for businesses, Institut Mines-Télécom helps respond to major societal challenges in France, Europe and at the regional level. Building on the strengths and diversity of its schools, Institut Mines-Télécom has presented its overall strategy for 2023 – 2027 to take up the major challenges facing our country in the areas of science and technology, industry, digital technology, ecology and health. This strategy marks a new milestone in developing and enhancing Institut Mines-Télécom’s societal impact.