2 new double-degree agreements made with UNAL (Bogotá) and UNICAMP (State of Sao Paulo)


Following the signing of a double degree agreement with GeorgiaTech last May, IMT has signed a further 2 new double-degree agreements.

The first is with UNAL (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) in Bogotá, ranked the 2nd best institution in Colombia and the 10th best university in Latin America. The second agreement is with UNICAMP in the State of Sao Paulo, the 2nd Higher Education institution in Latin America and the 12th best in the BRICS countries – i.e. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

This second agreement clearly shows the leverage and potential for development that IMT has on an international scale.

For over 10 years, various schools have individually tried to sign agreements with UNICAMP. The fact that an agreement was successfully signed fits into IMT’s framework for collective action based around various target countries.

The results are aligned with IMT’s collective action based around various target countries. In this case, IMT Mines Albi and Mines Saint-Etienne respectively acted as drivers for these two agreements which are sure to positively impact the IMT collective.