I studied in a field that didn’t exist 5 years ago

Originally from Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil), a fan of math and IT, Mike studied Data Sciences at Télécom Paris, an IMT graduate school, with the desire to found his own company and the ambition of enabling people to learn.

I am a fan of math. In Brazil I studied IT and was able to put these concepts into practice. When I discovered the education system in France I thought it was excellent. I decided to seek out French excellence in digital technology and math as well as the personal and intellectual challenge I needed. It was hard at the start! I felt there was a big difference in level, despite my work and effort. Although it was difficult I decided to follow a ‘math’ track at Télécom Paris. I managed to develop my logical thinking, increase my pace and learn to formalize my mathematical reasoning.
I didn’t only set myself an academic challenge, however. I have also discovered a new language (I can even understand jokes in French now) and I have mixed with new cultures: the human aspect here is strong. I have met excellent, and above all passionate, students and professors from all fields. These really are the sort of people I wanted to share things with.

“I have a long-term project. I want to change my country’s education system, establish new ways of learning, […] give everyone the opportunity to study…”

My interest in innovation was born here and has grown. I have always wanted to create my own company. During an internship I realized I was interested in research: by creating a company I can combine the two, developing innovative products or services. It is the very aim of the school, which has taught me so much on the subject. I have studied in a field that didn’t exist five years ago: Data Sciences. In my view, in a few years’ time the people at the top will be those who can program, analyze large quantities of data and generate and validate hypotheses. I would like to innovate and set up my company based on these concepts.

I hope to succeed thanks to the methods and tools I have acquired here and which I can use in any sector, because if I am successful I have a long-term philanthropic project. I want to change my country’s education system, establish new ways of learning. Education is the foundation for becoming a world power. I want to give everyone the opportunity to study and develop their potential.