Managing instability

In search of a positive learning environment, Raoul, originally from Lebanon, specialized in energy and processes at Mines Saint Etienne. Today he is an engineer in the oil industry, a sector that is constantly changing.

I am an engineer in the refining sector at ExxonMobil, a position I obtained after graduating from Mines Saint-Etienne, where I furthered my training in mechanics from Lebanon.

I chose to study abroad because it would enhance my profile and make me more noticeable to big industrial groups, something that is hard to achieve in Lebanon which suffers from political instability. In France, the language was not a barrier and the context was favorable for higher education. The reputation of the IMT graduate schools finally convinced me.

I feared I would lose contact with my friends, would miss my family, would not fit in… but everything turned out well. I very quickly established a network of acquaintances and the school and student house continually facilitated this process of settling in.

“In the oil sector changes are constant and […] often unpredictable. My training has given me everything I needed to embark on this adventure.”

The training was enriching and non-specialized and proved its effectiveness during my first placements and at the beginning of my professional life. In the oil sector where I work changes are constant and caused by factors that are often unpredictable: wars, political crises, accidents, legislation changes etc. You have to be particularly open to change, know how to set the right priorities and above all… have a solid technical basis. My training has given me everything I needed to embark on this adventure.