“Contribute to the web!” Enrollments for IMT’s next MOOC are now open

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The “Contribute to the web!” MOOC will focus on two ways in which you can quickly become CONTRIBUTORS to the web: by publishing your own content, and, why not, by developing it yourself. A presentation of the roles of those who work on the web on a daily basis will help you decide on a potential career path in this field.
Enrollments for the coming MOOC are already open. Classes will commence on 27th April and will finish on 31st May.

There are no prerequisites for participating in the “Contribute to the web!” MOOC since it addresses common uses and web-related techniques in an uncomplicated way. You just need to be accustomed to using the internet and curious to know how it works.
The format of the MOOC is standard, with 10 to 15-minute videos or slide shows with explanations, followed by exercises comprising quizzes or mini projects. At the end of each week, a mini project will be set to test students’ individual skills and the real benefit to them. The mini projects will be used for evaluation, and a certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the MOOC.

Who can take part?
These classes are primarily for young people who use the internet on a daily basis and who would like to know the inner workings of it to enable them find their dream job in this field; nevertheless they remain open to the general public and to anyone wanting to know more about the web and how it functions to make even better use of it.

The teaching team:

  • Christine Balagué (Professor at Télécom École de Management)
  • Estelle Bretagne (Professor at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne)
  • Géraldine del Mondo (Professor at INSA, Rouen, ASI department)
  • Nicolas Delestre (Professor at INSA, Rouen, ASI department)
  • Nicolas Malandain (Professor at INSA, Rouen, ASI department)
  • Michel Mainguenaud (Professor at INSA, Rouen, ASI department)
  • Jean-Sébastien Nouveau (Teaching Engineer at Télécom SudParis)

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MOOC – Contribute to the Web

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