Digital Manufacturing MOOC program: 100,000 participants and 12,000 qualifications awarded since it was launched!

Launched in 2014 and subsequently remodeled into a program of 4 MOOCs in 2017, Digital Manufacturing has this year reached 100,000 participants, generating 12,000 certificates. The education team headed by Baptiste Gaultier, a research engineer…
Frédérique Vincent (directrice de l’enseignement et de l’international de l’IMT) et Baptiste Gautier (IMT Atlantique) reçoivent le Trophée le 30 novembre

IMT wins Île-de-France award for digital innovation in higher education

It was thanks to its “Toile de Compétences” project that IMT received this award on Thursday 30 November at the Maison des Sciences et de l’Homme in Northern Paris. This was one of 10 projects selected by the judging panel for the Île-de-France…
Ana Cameirao

Understanding methane hydrate formation to revolutionize pipelines

Since hydrocarbon is always drawn from deep in the sea floor, oil companies face potential obstruction problems in their pipelines due to the formation of solid compounds: methane hydrates. Ana Cameirao, an engineer and PhD specializing in industrial…