Frédérique Vincent (directrice de l’enseignement et de l’international de l’IMT) et Baptiste Gautier (IMT Atlantique) reçoivent le Trophée le 30 novembre

It was thanks to its “Toile de Compétences” project that IMT received this award on Thursday 30 November at the Maison des Sciences et de l’Homme in Northern Paris. This was one of 10 projects selected by the judging panel for the Île-de-France awards for digital innovation in higher education, following their call for expressions of interest in the Île-de-France region in July.

Teaching methods have undeniably evolved over recent years with the arrival of MOOCs and subsequently, hybrid MOOCs, and yet difficulties remain regarding the certification of skills acquired through these programs. The Toile de Compétences project aims to address this problem.

The “Toile de Compétences” project: certifying skills gained on all platforms, both online and in the classroom

Proposed by IMT and France IOI, this project aims to guarantee the fair certification of skills obtained online or in the classroom using software tools.

How does it work?

– By facilitating the evolution of hybrid education courses combining online and classroom learning.

– By giving each learner a clear overview of the skills they have acquired through online courses and those that require more work.

  • By supplying each learner with a detailed certificate which can be presented digitally to employers, validating each of the skills gained throughout the course.

– By offering tutors a detailed overview of the progress, strengths and weaknesses of each participant, helping them to better adapt the content to the needs of their students.

– By offering employers a map of candidates’ skills associated with job vacancies

– By leading a pilot project and testing the tools described below in the “digital manufacturing” course, made up of 4 MOOCs and 16 in-class workshops in the Île-de-France FabLabs.

What are the benefits for an Île-de-France Award-winning project?

Award-winning projects receive:

  • A starter or development grant of a maximum of €40,000 per project
  • Development support for any businesses or partner associations connected with the project and support for research led by partners (patents, funding, professional network integration, presence at professional trade fairs, etc.)
  • Visibility in the Île-de-France Region in the communication sector