The Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence community attend the launch of the European ENFIELD project!

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The Horizon Europe ENFIELD project was officially launched October 3-4, 2023, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Gjøvik. Several Institut-Mines Telecom schools are involved in this project through the “Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence” scientific community.

The ENFIELD project (European Lighthouse to Manifest Trustworthy and Green AI) aims to create a center of excellence in artificial intelligence (AI) with a key focus on adaptive, green, human-centered and trustworthy AI. Through this project, Institut Mines-Telecom has joined the European AI Lighthouse network of excellence centers, which includes eight other projects (AI4Media, ELISE, ELSA, HUMANE-AI, TAILOR, euROBIN , ELIAS and dAIedge).

Advancing AI research

ENFIELD aims to advance AI research, particularly in the healthcare, energy, industry of the future and the space sector by attracting the best talent, technologies and resources from world-class research and industry stakeholders to Europe. This project aims to carry out high-level research activities in sync with industrial and societal challenges, in order to strengthen the European Union’s competitive position in the field of AI and create a significant socio-economic impact to benefit citizens. In addition, ENFIELD aims to implement, maintain, develop and support a dynamic European network of 30 partners from 18 countries, including excellent education and research organizations, large companies, SMEs and public sector representatives.


Initiated and strongly encouraged by Jean-Philippe Lagrange, former scientific director of Institut Mines-Telecom, ENFIELD reflects the group’s collective strength, which is embodied in its scientific communities, including the “Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence” community, which has fully committed to bringing this project to fruition.

Fundamental research on foundational scientific issues, applied to competitive sectors with high economic stakes, is at the heart of IMT’s strategy aimed at developing sovereign and sober technology with applications for responsible industry, energy and the circular economy, health and well-being.


The delegation from Institut Mines-Telecom included members from four schools:  Olivier Boissier (4th, middle) and Victor Charpenay (3rd from left) for Mines Saint-Étienne, Sébastien Harispe (2nd from right) and Jacky Montmain (1st from right) for IMT Mines Alès, Nicolas Soulié (1st from left) for Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, Van-Tam Nguyen (3rd from right) for Telecom Paris and Marc Delage (2nd from left) for the IMT General Directorate.

This ambitious project highlights the scientific strengths of the research developed at IMT in AI and data science, which addresses present and future economic, societal, industrial and environmental challenges.