Gaia-X Builds Momentum with First Federated Cloud Services Catalogue.

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  • Cloud users can now search and compare cloud services that meet all Gaia-X trust elements for digital value chains through the CISPE Federation Catalogue.
  • Institut Mines-Télécom and its partners, through GXFS FR, present key prototype building blocks for data exchange with contractual negotiation and authorisations.
  • Based on the Federated Catalogue, cloud vendors of all sizes are now able to compose cloud services from interoperable service components to compete at the scale and scope demanded by customers.
  • A first serviced for local public administrations orchestrating multiple cloud infrastructures from competing European cloud vendors will be presented during the Gaia-X summit.

Today, the CISPE Federation Catalogue goes live with over 500 cloud services meeting Gaia-X requirements. Using the catalogue, cloud providers building scalable, multi-cloud, multi-featured offerings can select and compose exactly the right combination of services for the benefit of customers. In addition, thanks to GXFS FR, the community led by Institut Mines-Télécom and its partners, trusted data exchange and processing will be facilitated by the release to the Gaia-X community of prototype building blocks for contractual negotiation, which will speed up value creation in the European Data Spaces. The CISPE catalogue can be accessed at


Anne-Sophie Taillandier, Director of the Teralab platform at Institut Mines-Télécom, who manages the GXFS FR project, underlines: “Our demonstrator offers a secure and flexible framework; the *user chooses what data they want to share in the frame of European Data Spaces, in which timeframe time and under what specific conditions. This missing feature to date is mandatory to create a fully trusted open environment when exchanging data between competitors or with other member of a value chain, and we are proud to release today way to bridge this gap and bring complete transparency.