IMT Economics of the Data Commons Chair launched, webcast available

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Institut Mines-Telecom has created the “Economics of the Data Commons” research initiative chair to produce and evaluate economic, legal, technical and organizational models and solutions for creating and sharing value based on data pooling.

The chair, supported by Fondation Mines-Telecom, combines multi-disciplinary academic research and experiments with the support of its founding sponsors, Dassault Systèmes, L’Oréal and Orange, and the contribution of its major partner, Newmeric.

The chair was launched on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 in Paris.

The webcast is available on our YouTube channel:

Full version :

Round table :


With the digital transformation, we have entered an information and knowledge-based society that invites us to develop an economy of relationships based on exchange and cooperation. Launching new services, innovating in ecosystems, conserving resources, anchoring our sense of purpose, “engaging” employees and stakeholders: to seize this economic and societal potential, companies must invent new ways of grouping themselves into communities of interest, building and governing “data commons”, and creating and sharing value.

Online course: a decade of innovation in training

Since 2012, Institut Mines-Telecom (IMT) has developed a collection of MOOCs and online courses on widely available platforms, to keep up with the changes taking place in the world of training.

By opening its courses to learners from around the world, IMT wanted to give everyone a chance to access excellent teaching and acquire specialist professional skills in a variety of fields, just like in the programs of our schools.

Whether for students, professionals or those changing careers, whether for orientation or training, Institut Mines-Telecom is always looking to extend its teaching outside of its traditional and geographic scope.

Online courses represent an important asset and strength of Institut Mines-Telecom’s schools.