Télécom SudParis launches its MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on “Understanding telecommunications concepts

On December 9 Télécom SudParis will be opening its first MOOC, Understanding telecommunications concepts, to provide the public with a better understanding of all technological concepts and features offered by communication networks. To join, learners must sign up beforehand at http://mooc.telecom-sudparis.eu. Digital technology is omnipresent in our everyday business and personal life. This course is an opportunity to learn the key concepts behind telecommunications services.

This MOOC is aimed at anyone who is keen to understand telecommunications concepts. In particular, young people at IUT/BTS/undergraduate level who are still unsure about what they want to do will find things which could be of interest in their future careers. Company staff members will also quickly acquire information to better understand the digital sector, learning as and when they are free.

Two professors from Télécom SudParis are behind this MOOC: Chantal Vallet, specialized in networks, protocols and digital development of the territory, and Bruno Meurisse, an expert in business networks, routing and IP switching.

Understanding telecommunications concepts introduces a series of other lessons which are also available as part of the MOOC, examining the basics of data networks, mobile networks etc.

The MOOC is scheduled over 4 weeks: the first two in December 2013 (weeks 50 and 51) and the second two in January 2014 (weeks 2 and 3). It is structured into sequences. Each sequence includes the transfer of knowledge through visual/audio/video format and quiz-type exercises. Learners will receive personalized tutoring from their teachers.

At the end of the course, knowledge tests relating to the ground covered will take place in the form of a serious game. Successful learners will be awarded a certificate.

Télécom SudParis has been working on distance learning technology for over fifteen years, in particular ongoing education (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles aptitude assessments, with a special focus on the telecommunications networks sector). In technical terms the course is delivered by the internal Digital Campus team and the school’s IT and Information Systems department.

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