Covid-19: Charitable contributions made by the schools and students

The schools, staff and students of Institut Mines-Telecom have joined forces to help healthcare workers, school kids, and companies through various actions and contributions. Thank you and well done for this show of solidarity.

Covid-19: Using research capacity to contribute to national efforts

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Institut Mines-Télécom schools have produced, and continue to produce, face shields and parts for face shields and respirators using 3D printers, sometimes brought to faculty members' homes.

Covid-19: Educational continuity at IMT

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Within a few days, the schools of the Institut Mines-Télécom ensured pedagogical continuity by switching to a digital environment. Some had even anticipated before the confinement to prepare and equip the teams with equipment for teleworking or suspended all teaching activities from March 3 to allow students to reach a suitable place of confinement.