Covid-19: Charitable contributions made by the schools and students


The schools, staff and students of Institut Mines-Telecom have joined forces to help healthcare workers, school kids, and companies through various actions and contributions. Thank you and well done for this show of solidarity.

Contributions made by schools

All the schools have contributed masks.

Whether they were H1N1 stocks, FFP2, or laboratory masks, 40,000 masks have been donated to health authorities or hospitals. We can also mention the contribution made by a graduate of IMT Mines Albi who donated 10,000 masks produced in China, and had them shipped to the school for us to pass them on to the hospitals in Albi.

7,000 pairs of gloves were also collected and donated.

Coveralls, disposable gowns, protective glasses, and shoe covers were also donated by the schools, as was ethanol for hand gel, and polymers for the printing of protective visor head bands.

An IMT Mines Albi student residence has been made available to the health authorities to accommodate people in quarantine.

Contributions made by students

Whether individually or collectively through their associations, students from all schools have donated gowns, offered to tutor school kids, or given their time to advise high school students set to graduate this summer with the hashtag #orientationPostBac, as with the students of Télécom SudParis & IMT-BS.

IMT Atlantique’s Junior Entreprise is offering its expertise to small and medium-sized companies that need to implement teleworking as a matter of urgency.

And students of Eurocom and IMT Atlantique have developed geo-localized platforms to put volunteers in touch with those who need help at