2018 Edition of the IMT – Académie des Sciences Awards


The second edition of the IMT – Académie des Sciences Awards is now open for applications. These awards strive to reward exceptional scientific contributions at the European level in three areas: science and technology relating to digital transformation in industry, science and technology relating to energy transition, and environmental engineering. The deadline for applications is April 24, 2018.

Two scientists honored

Remise des prix Prix IMT - Académies des sciences 2017, à l’Académie des sciences.

2017 Awards Ceremony
at the Académie des Sciences

The IMT – Académie des Sciences Awards comprise two awards:
– a Grand Prix awarded to a scientist who has made an exceptional contribution to the fields mentioned above through an outstanding body of work
– a Young Scientist Prize awarded to a scientist who is under 40 years old on January 1 of the year the prize is awarded, and who has contributed to these same fields with a major innovation.

These prizes will be awarded jointly by IMT, with support from Fondation Mines-Télécom, and the Académie des Sciences. They will include the following prize amounts:
– Grand Prix: €30,000
– Young Scientist prize: €15,000

Each prize will be awarded to a scientist of any nationality working in France, or in Europe in close collaboration with French teams.

Applications must include:

1) the form provided by the Académie des Sciences
2) a letter of support providing a personal opinion of the candidate
3) a short curriculum vitae
4) the candidate’s main scientific results
5) a list of the main publications

Official awards ceremony

The formal awards ceremony will be held in the dome of the Academy in Autumn 2018. It will be accompanied by a ceremony for the winners to present their work to the Academy.