Usine Nouvelle’s Engineering Graduate School Rankings : great results for our schools !

The annual Engineering Graduate School rankings by Usine Nouvelle (French business magazine) have just been released. IMT schools feature prominently, with 7 of our schools appearing in the top 20 places.

Three IMT schools in the top 5 and 7 in the top 20

Usine Nouvelle’s rankings run a test bench on 106 private and public Engineering Graduate Schools, i.e. engineering schools for students after completion of their high school diploma or after their two-year higher education diploma. The editorial staff used 4 main criteria to award a score to each institute assessed this year: integration into the labor market, international openness of training, commitment to research, and entrepreneurship support for students.

In this 2017 edition, the IMT schools stand out impressively: 3 schools are ranked in the top 5 and 7 in the top 20, whereas last year we counted 2 schools in the top 5 and 5 in the top 20.

Noteworthy entries for merged IMT schools

Our merged schools have climbed the rankings :

  • IMT Atlantique is propelled to 5th place, jointly with Mines ParisTech, just behind Télécom Paris (while only Télécom Bretagne, one of its former components, was in the top 20 last year in 7th place);
  • IMT Lille Douai leaps into the top 20 in 19th place (while neither of the 2 schools were in the top 20 last year).

See Usine Nouvelle’s 2017 Engineering Graduate School rankings (in French)