The Chairs set up by IMT within the framework of corporate patronage are a part of the institutional policy of the Institut, forming a standalone offering in their own right, alongside and complementary to research contracts.

In this respect, for IMT the Chairs are a key channel through which to open up to the driving forces of society and the business world, as well as being key showcases for the Institut. Their strategic contribution to the Institut is all the more important in a context in which it carries out its missions via partnerships with various circles.

The flexibility of the Chairs in terms of structure and operation makes them a program that can easily be adapted within the graduate schools of the Institut.

Advantages of the Chairs

The chairs offer corporate patrons an opportunity:

  • to establish special ties with our leading engineering and business schools and support them in their development and reach;
  • to create a forum for exchanging ideas on innovation issues, where all private and public players can meet and discuss with each other;
  • to accompany the development of top-level research and training, especially on emerging themes;
  • to capitalize on top-level research in their strategic thinking;
  • to relay their brand image and boost the standing of their name as an employer among the 12,000 students of IMT;
  • to gain access to the expertise of IMT research laboratories;

The Chairs are backed by one or several schools. Whatever their nature, they contribute new ideas to initial and executive education courses, helping to train professionals capable of responding to the issues to be faced in the future.