IMT and its schools have a strategic mission to support economic development through innovation for businesses and in particular SMEs and midcaps

This innovation is disseminated through:

  • partnership research projects financed by businesses or in partnership with them;
  • student internships, missions and projects carried out in collaboration with businesses.

The schools have also set up a network of technology incubators and coordinate the promotion of creative activities serving innovation in SMEs in their regions.

 As well as their major impact in terms of local economic development, these incubators are powerful training tools for innovation and entrepreneurship – student projects, internships, Cifre PhDs, etc. – and tools to transform research results into innovation – spin-off companies are born in laboratories supported by engineers, doctors and researchers, joining businesses which very naturally form partnerships with research teams.

This global dynamic associates professors, the schools’ innovation and corporate relations teams, and the Institut’s team of business development engineers in order to combine their scientific and technological skills, knowledge of the markets and its players, and ability to identify opportunities for innovation, carry out a system needs analysis, and set up and sustain R&D projects. As a result IMT has become a key player in innovation at national level.

At European level, its teams are also very active in R&D programs (H2020 and Eureka), as well as in KICs, tools for transfer and innovation that serve companies, including the EIT Digital initiative.