Development & transfer

Exploiting research results and transferring them to partners in the community and business is a public service mission of IMT schools, just as much as training and research. This mission is managed by the Exploitation Department of each school, with the support of the general management of the Institute and ARMINES.

The mission of these departments is to:

  •  Detect the results of laboratory research projects that can be exploited and transferred to economic partners
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Exploit the patents and software portfolio: licenses, assignment of rights
  • Support the creation of spin-off companies generated by the laboratories
  • Establish links between companies with innovative projects and research laboratories
  • Promote partnership research and contribute to elaborating, negotiating and managing research and services contracts, to set up and implement collaborative projects at a national, European and international level
  • To provide companies with an offer of technological platforms to satisfy their needs in terms of experimentation with innovative technologies


Institut Mines-Tbandeau-cvstene1élécom is a partner of the Consortium de valorisation thématique du numérique CVSTENE, (Consortium for the thematic enhancement of digital technology – CVSTENE), which brings together players in the field of digital technology (CEA, CNRS, Inria, IMT, CDEFI, CPU).

The consortium’s aim is to pool skills, expertise, and systems, in order to stimulate projects for transferring digital technologies and boosting companies’ innovation capacities. It is for this purpose, and to strengthen its impact, that CVSTENE works in conjunction with the stakeholders in its ecosystem.

Key figures for 2014

Number of patents in portfolio: 989

Exploitation/transfer revenue: 3.7 M€

Examples of exploitation and transfer

> Turbocodes: an international communication standard

The invention of turbocodes, and the extension of the turbo principle to functions other than correction coding, earned the inventors a number of national and international awards.

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> Invoxia: an IMT patent at the heart of a French innovation that won an award at the Consumer Electronic Show 2012

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> Drilling in extreme conditions: a new generation of cutters

The new generation of PDC cutters presents a continuous graduation of the cobalt content in its cemented carbide support, constituting a first. With a gain of several tens of percentage points in resistance to abrasion and impact. Protected by patents, this process will be industrialized by Varel Europe.

 > Automobile transport: embedded systems, a guarantee of safety

Driving safety and comfort, virtual exploration of urban traffic and dangerous and crisis situations, these are some of the issues for future communicating vehicles. Algorithms for real-time reconstruction of dynamic environments, automatic pilot systems that instantly analyze data from heterogeneous and asynchronous sensors have been developed and protected by patents. The Intempora company, a spin-off of Mines ParisTech, has exploited this research and exports its innovative know-how in order to prototype embedded or cooperative applications in Asia and the United States.