The international focus of IMT’s missions:

  • Research through structured partnerships and international consortiums
  • Innovation through European public-private collaborative projects and support for SMEs in their international development.

The Institut’s international influence is largely thanks to the scientific excellence of the research carried out within its laboratories. Above and beyond informal collaborations between the institute’s researchers and their foreign counterparts, this level of excellence is developed and sustained by establishing structured partnerships (framework agreements, shared laboratories etc.) with the world’s top teams working in the institute’s main subject areas. International collaborations allow the Institut to be at the cutting edge of the latest scientific and technological developments in its fields of specialty, producing research results at the highest state-of-the-art level. This status on the international scene favors the Institut’s research and its impact, attracting the best students and researchers and transmitting research results into the economic world.

The Institut’s international dimension is also sustained by its Scientific Council. Composed of internationally recognized French and foreign experts from academic, industrial and institutional backgrounds, it gives the Institut advice on major strategic decisions related to research and innovation.