Partnership with the Seoul National University

Signature d'un partenariat avec la Seoul National University

IMT and the College of Engineering of the Seoul National University in Korea signed a framework agreement on Friday August 29th 2014, as well as an exchange agreement that in its first phase will lead to the development of non-degree exchange programs for students of the SNU College of Engineering and all the engineering graduate schools of IMT. It is the first time that the Institute has established an agreement of this kind with a Korean university.

However, Korea is not new to the schools as they have already established international training and research collaborations with nearly a dozen Korean universities.

Following the initiative of Mines Saint-Etienne, and in particular Prof. Woo-Suck HAN, who has been coordinating relations between the SNU and Mines Saint-Etienne for many years, an extension of this partnership has been submitted to the other graduate schools of the Institute and their feedback has been positive.

Since 2008, nearly 40 students from the SNU and Mines Saint Etienne have participated in exchange programs (with or without degrees), 4 PhDs under joint supervision have been completed, 4 professor exchanges have taken place and 5 scientific conferences have been co-organized.

This partnership aims at developing dual degree programs and exchanging good practices in relations with companies, business incubation and entrepreneurship. An umbrella agreement is already underway at the SNU.