On October 4th, 2018, IMT and 2 of its schools, Télécom Paris and Télécom SudParis, signed an agreement for the creation of NewUni, together with École Polytechnique, GENES (ENSAE) and ENSTA.

NewUni is the code name given to the federative project between these 5 schools, with the aim of leading joint action at the highest international standard in the field of education and research, on the campus known as the “École Polytechnique quarter”.

This project is part of IMT’s overall strategy to develop partnerships in the areas surrounding its schools. The two schools in question and the executive management of IMT, which will move to Plateau de Saclay in the summer of 2019, are working on the project’s Management Board to establish this partnership.

The project, which unites 5 schools renowned in France for their excellence in engineering education, is a great opportunity not only for IMT and its two schools in the Paris Region, but also for the other schools involved, which are members or partners of the National Institute of Technology.

This is why the project includes the development of a structuring partnership between NewUni and IMT, which will involve size and scale effects in fields such as educational transition, lifelong learning and industrial partnerships.