IMT among the leading graduate schools for participation in the H2020 program

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With nearly €16 million obtained in 2014 in response to H2020 calls, IMT is in second place among graduate schools in France, behind the UPMC. It is 7th in the country out of all institutions, and with 1,350 professors it is a leader in terms of productivity.

This success comes thanks to the exceptional performance of the Mines schools in association with Armines, the Télécom schools of our affiliate Eurecom, as well as the strong involvement of researchers in partnership research activities. The outcome is also very good for innovative research of excellence, with 5 winners of ERC grants in our laboratories: 3.5% of French successes and 1.5% of the country’s scientific workforce.

The Institute’s skills and strategic position in the three disruptive technologies (digital, energy-related and ecological) and productive technology, and in ensuing changes in industry, the city and healthcare, are in line with the major societal and multidisciplinary priorities of international and European programs.

These H2020 results, achieved in the face of increasingly strong competition, are very encouraging. They reflect our desire for a stronger presence in European research, combining research of excellence, business partnerships and support for innovation.



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