Five Institut Mines-Telecom schools are in the top 10 of the French THE Impact ranking, and the only engineering schools to be in the lead


The environmental transition is at the heart of Institut Mines-Telecom’s activities, and by 2021 it will have formally set out its commitments in an ambitious roadmap involving all its schools. The THE Impact ranking recognizes its significant contributions to the SDGs. This year, with IMT Mines Albi’s entry into the ranking, there are no fewer than six IMT schools in the general ranking.


Collectively, IMT’s schools are having a strong impact on all SDGs.

Institut Mines-Telecom schools also performed very well in the rankings by SDG, collectively, they took:

  • 21 places in the global TOP 100
  • 16 places in the global TOP 200
  • 10 first places in France
  • 11 second places in France

This accomplishment is the result of IMT’s unique positioning in this area in the new 2023- 2027 strategy that aims to increase Institut Mines-Telecom’s impact for society’s benefit.

“I am happy that this ranking recognizes Institut Mines-Telecom schools as France’s champions in contributing to the 17 SDGs and places us very well internationally. Historically, our schools have played a key role in the major transformations that have taken place since the 19th century. Today, they are at the forefront of the major challenges of the future through student training, scientific and technological research and support for businesses.”

Odile Gauthier, President of Institut Mines-Telecom