The annual rankings of private and public engineering schools by l’Étudiant and Usine Nouvelle were published on February 11, 2020. Several IMT schools’ rankings have improved compared to 2019 in both lists. Télécom Paris has entered the top three in the l’Etudiant ranking, at third place. The strongest progression goes to IMT Atlantique, which has moved up 11 places in the Usine Nouvelle ranking and is now in seventh place.

Both rankings are based on public and certified data from the Engineering Qualifications Board.


167 schools were evaluated according to the following criteria: academic excellence, international perspective, corporate relationships, and opening to new audiences.

The top three of the ranking have been shaken up with the arrival of Telecom Paris in third place, held by Ecole des Ponts in 2019.

  • 3rd Télécom Paris (4th in 2019)
  • 9th IMT Atlantique (10th in 2019)
  • 12th Mines Saint-Étienne (19th in 2019)
  • 32nd IMT Mines Alès (40th in 2019)
  • 39th IMT Mines Albi (40th in 2019)

L’Usine Nouvelle

122 private and public schools wre evaluated, which is less than in 2019 (130).

For the 2020 edition, the four main criteria for establishing the ranking were: the number of graduates entering the job market, international perspective, research and the role of entrepreneurship.

The strongest increase in the ranking was made by IMT Atlantic, which has moved up 11 places.

  • 7th IMT Atlantique (18th in 2019)
  • 35th Télécom SudParis (42nd in 2019)
  • 48th IMT Lille Douai (66th in 2019)
  • 51st IMT Mines Alès (58th in 2019)

Institut Mines-Télécom positions itself as a National Institute of Technology. It gives priority to the ranking of its schools in order to develop their reputation and attractiveness, which are key factors for recruitment. This strategy, which contributes to the overall reputation and attractiveness of IMT, also benefits all of its schools.