Best of I’MTECH: 2022 in Review

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Introducing the 2022 edition of the best of I’MTech! Each year, Institut Mines-Telecom publishes a selection of its best scientific and technological news articles published in 2022: I’MTech.

Seldom has the issue of energy sparked as much debate as in 2022. Although energy includes technical, historical, and economic aspects, it is above all an inextricably political issue: a choice that reflects a vision of society. In this regard, science can only attempt to provide answers and solutions to questions and challenges that determine trends in this sector. After all, as Bertolt Brecht wrote in The Life of Galileo, “science knows only one commandment: contribute to science”. This compilation of the best I’MTech articles of 2022 also provides readers with a selection of contributions by IMT researchers on energy issues, from waste recovery and the sustainability of offshore wind turbines, to the complex organization of nuclear maintenance activities.

Yet the energy issue does not dwarf other matters involving the scientific community that made the news last year. As virtual reality continues to mature in the gaming world, it has also become a valuable asset for research and industry given its capacity to immerse employees in abstract environments, such as computer systems, to improve security. In terms of digital technologies, European studies are clarifying the risks of exposure to 5G electromagnetic fields. Advances were also made in Europe in the area of online platform regulation in 2022, with the advent of the Digital Services Act, which further develops principles introduced by the GDPR.

Best Of I’MTech 2022