Augmented Man – humanity searching for meaning”: the new Fondation Mines-Télécom brochure is available


20150730photo_cp_homme_augmenteEvery year IMT’s foundation publishes a brochure on a topic linked to new features in the field of digital technology. The full brochure, titled “L’Homme augmenté – Notre Humanité en quête de sens” (Augmented Man – humanity searching for meaning), has just been published. It takes stock of the topic and highlights related work carried out by the Institute’s schools, covering artificial intelligence, robotics, health and human-machine interfaces, as well as in-depth reflections on ethics, sociology, philosophy, economics and law.

The brochure provides clarification through the use of documentation of new terms relating to Man, such as repaired, augmented, improved, connected, merged and equipped, as well as, more generally, transhumanism and posthumanism. The question of the relationship with our bodies and health (without going as far as genetic therapy or augmentations requiring sub-cutaneous techniques) allows us to understand the different options available leading to the augmentation of Man, and factors that may lead to it. The technosciences behind these opportunities are explained, and in particular those that, like cognitive sciences, robotics or augmented reality, are studied within IMT. The publication reveals a path towards positive transhumanism, grounded in acceptable, collective and mastered values, that is able to meet the technical, economic, judicial and ethnical challenges that can already be seen today. It is a path that will strengthen mankind in the elements that characterize it beyond machinery.

Download the press release in PDF