Augmented Man – humanity searching for a meaning


Following the publication of its brochure in June on the subject of Augmented Man, the Fondation Mines-Télécom is organizing a conference on Thursday October 1st to explore the topic and discuss related issues.
Intelligent prosthetic limbs, augmented-reality glasses, direct access to city sensors, artificial intelligence… the list of human modifications to ‘repair’ or to enhance our capacity goes on and on. Issues such as climate change, space exploration and social changes are forcing mankind to adapt and maybe even drive our own development, but these paths are littered with uncertainties, and collective decisions must be consciously made in order to keep the transhuman project acceptable. There is potential in time for a more accomplished form of humanity, united around aspects that are currently limited such as cooperation, empathy and altruism.

The conference aims to provide answers to questions such as will Augmented Man change life as we know it? From space exploration to altered reality… what are the contemporary applications of the augmentation of humankind? Is Augmented Man acceptable?

Nicolas Huchet    Speakers will include:

> Nicolas Bionico Huchet, winner of Innovators Under 35 by MIT

> Grégory Maubon, Consultant in augmented reality and digital uses

> Brigitte Munier, Doctor in Social Sciences, Télécom Paris

> Florence Porcel, Columnist, passionate about science and space exploration and a candidate for the Mars One project.

Following on from the brochure about Augmented Man

This conference follows on from the brochure titled ‘Augmented Man – humanity searching for a meaning’. The brochure takes stock of the subject and presents the work of IMT graduate schools on artificial intelligence, robotics, health and man-machine interfaces, and also contains in-depth reflections on ethics, sociology, philosophy, economy and law.

Download the brochure by Fondation Mines-Télécom [in french ]

Download the press release [in PDF]