Assistant-Professor in Digital communication, IoT and Signal Processing (W/M)

Localisation: IMT Lille Douai, Site de Lille, Cité scientifique,
Rue Guglielmo Marconi, 59650 Villeneuve-d’Ascq, FRANCE

Entity/Service: IMT Lille Douai, Lille buildings / Digital Sciences and Technologies Center

Position of supervisor: Head of Digital Sciences and Technologies Center

Contract type Permanent contract

Application Deadline: April 30th, 2020

Contact persons:

Mme Céline FASULO                      Director of the Digital Science CERI

+33 (0)3 27 71 20 00 –

Mr Jean-Philippe VANDEBORRE  Assistant to the Director, in charge of Teaching Activities

+33 (0)3 20 33 55 96

Mr Stéphane LECOEUCHE             Assistant to the Director, in charge of Research Activities

+33 (0)3 27 71 24 45 –

To apply:                                          Required documents can be obtained by contacting

Human Resources Department

+33 (0)3 27 71 25 36 –


Under the guidance of the Head of Digital Sciences and Technologies Center, the successful candidate will actively contribute to the teaching and research efforts of the Centre.

  • significant contribution to the delivery of teaching programs (courses, tutorials, practical works) of undergraduate and graduate students in his/her field of expertise : (signal processing, digital communications, advanced communication techniques : MIMO, massive MIMO, OFDM and millimiter wave communication) but also in common core courses related to Information and Communication Technologies. Some lectures can be delivered in English.
  • develop and participate in the development of future innovative training methods/techniques (MOOC, inverted classroom…)
  • participate in pedagogical supervision (projects, internships, competition juries). Experience in monitoring internships would be very much appreciated.