#VIVAIMT: Vivatechnology 2019 welcomes 42 start-ups from France’s leading public network of incubators, created by the 1st group of engineering and management schools in France

IMT has selected 42 tech start-ups from its 11 incubation sites dedicated to entrepreneurship training, to be presented at Vivatechnology next May 16-18 – stand C41.

Out of IMT’s 170 tech start-ups, these 44 will represent the entrepreneurial excellence to be found across France. Within IMT, 11 incubation sites attached to its schools select and support projects and companies with high technological potential all year round.

With a 3-year success rate of 93%, €100m of annual fundraising, and more than 5,000 jobs created in the last few years, the IMT incubators network has demonstrated the efficiency of its shared methodology and the strength of its ecosystem both locally and globally.

Start-ups in all sectors dominated by digital technology

Healthcare, Smart mobility, Cybersecurity, Greentech, Smart Industry, Data&AI for marketing and services: IMT start-ups are expanding into all sectors impacted by digital technology. Their mission is to create the world of tomorrow in order to serve all people, and, supported by both France and Europe, they are committed to #TechforGood. IMT strives to provide entrepreneurial, technology-driven responses to all the major challenges of the 21st century.

At Vivatech, IMT start-ups will be presented in rotation according to their themes:

  Morning Afternoon
Thursday May 16 Smart City Health
Friday May 17 Cyber security Smart Industry
Saturday May 18 Market driven Data&AI Customer Services

* The list of start-ups is available at the end of the news release.



The IMT success stories in attendance

Amongst them, you will find:

  • Watiz, listed in “the 100 start-ups you should invest in” by the magazine Challenges, will be the shopping assistant of the future, allowing you to find an item from a photo
  • DeNoize, which reduces noise by 90% by working on glass surfaces
  • Anozrway has developed AI which allows you to manage your digital footprint and detect your vulnerabilities
  • Hiboo is also listed in the Challenges 100 and is a data platform to pilot your industrial assets thanks to connected sensors
  • Darweem, a solution allowing you to find the best moments to release content to engage eSport communities
  • Andyamo, a smart city student project which has developed routes for people with reduced mobility and which will participate in the Vivatechnology “Next startupper challenge”

Women in tech at IMT

IMT also promotes female entrepreneurship in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Meet Alice Comble, CEO of GreenMinded, which recycles small waste (cigarette butts in particular), or Alizée Gottardo from Meyko, a smart-medication solution for children.


IMT: a local, national and international economic development accelerator

IMT is an environment that enables the cross-pollination and fertilization of tech companies in industry through a modular service offering based on 3 key components:

– technological support services backed by schools, laboratories, research professors and innovation platforms driving research in France

– access to key skills for technological and business development: students, researchers, users

– market access through its network of 9,500 partner companies, SMEs/midcaps and key accounts


For Patrick Duvaut, Director of Innovation at IMT, “the IMT system dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship is pioneering in terms of its territorial network. But what also makes us stand out is our economic development remit within a context of public interest. As a result, our success indicators focus not only on the amount of fundraising, but also on job creation and the development of the industrial fabric across the regions. Another asset, and not the least, is our ability to bring our best start-ups to CES in Las Vegas, which ensures maximum visibility and access to international markets.”


From VivaTech to CES in Las Vegas

Incubation at IMT also involves a threefold acceleration with the United States in mind. The start-ups selected by IMT to go to Vivatech are competing for the Bercy-IMT Innovation Prize launched in 2018. The judges will select 20 start-ups from among the candidates and these will pitch before a jury of experts at the Ministry of Economy in fall 2019. The 10 winning start-ups will then exhibit with IMT at CES in Las Vegas, from January 7-10, 2020. During CES the Bercy-IMT Innovation Prize will be awarded to the winner(s), along with €50,000, during the Convergence event.

The 42 start-ups of IMT schools at Vivatech 2019

Start-ups Presentation Presence on the IMT stand


Stop indefinitely searching for a place to study and better prepare your visits thanks to our attendance prediction algorithm: anticipate queues and packed places.
We provide a 24/7 transparent information so that you can keep organized and stick to your plans.
How do we predict attendance and waiting time?
The Affluences technology computes several inputs (sensors, visiting history, users…) to generate an accurate measure of live occupation and waiting time.
Saturday PM


AiiNTENSE is developing a cognitive assistance solution, integrating an AI and tele-expertise platform, for intensive care units in hospitals and clinics in order to improve the medical, ethical and economic care of patients Thrusday PM


Andyamo helps cities become smart & inclusive destinations with travel itineraries designed for people with reduced mobility (disabled people, parents with children in strollers, elderly people). Thrusday AM


Manage your risks linked to your digital footprint. By piecing open web data together, our solution monitors your digital print, predicts its vulnerabilities against your company and people, and assess the risks. Let our AI manage your digital footprint ! Friday AM


Pure player media on innovaton Saturday AM
Car expresso


The assistant wich simplifies second-hand vehicle Thrusday AM
Clean Bill Clean Bill develops a new way of communication between the merchant and the end consumer by creating a patented box, recognized as a cash device as a printer, in charge of transmitting the receipts or invoices to the final consumer via a mobile application. Clean Bill also offers a web platform allowing:
1 – consumers to keep, consult, transmit or publish their proof of purchase,
2 – merchants to visualize statistics on their customers, progression of their customer file and advertising campaign at lower cost..
Friday AM



AI-powered solutions to help streamers, brands and advertising agencies to find the best emotional moments to better target and engage their eSports community and increase the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising campaigns. Saturday AM


DeNoize has developed an active noise cancellation technology in the form of an electronics kit to be integrated inside a window frame to offer up to 90% additional reduction against outdoor noise, leading to a higher comfort inside homes and offices. Thrusday PM


EasyBroadcast end-to-end video streaming solution brings your companie’s messages to employees in Live! Our service enables you to plan events and manage your content while our dashboard will help you measure your audiences and network performances. Saturday AM


Edgar is a smart concierge assistant designed to help hotels regain direct customer relation & improve their online reputation, while offering a simple yet unique customer experience to their guests Saturday AM


Come discover how Emblock platform help companies to create value quickly with blockchain technology. Friday AM


FieldBox.ai helps industries dramatically improve their operational efficiency thanks to artificial intelligence.
The FieldBox.ai platform makes it possible to deploy AI-trained industrial bots in the heart of factories.
These bots continuously and autonomously optimize processes and operate machines.
The result of several years of R & D, the FieldBox.ai solution is a cloud-to-edge IIoT platform that manages
the life cycle of these industrial bots: training, deployment, and autonomous operation. By relocating decision
making in factories, and automating it with AI, FieldBox.ai dramatically reduces the costs and time required
to fulfill the promises of Industry 4.0.
Friday PM


GreenMinded recycles cigarette butt in France in preference to continuing to send them to landfill or incinerate them. GreenMinded offers various types of ashtrays for individuals, businesses and local authorities along with a turnkey recycling service. Saturday PM


GreenTropism enables reactive decision-marking process with real time non destructive analyses of matter for Industry 4.0. We leverage  Artificial Intelligence and software components for spectrometers and imagers for raw and product quality control,… Friday PM


Hiboo is the data platform to pilot your field’s operations. We aggregate data from multiple sources providing you with strategic information to optimize your processes and unlock new business models. Friday PM
Hycco HYCCO develops break through composite components for High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (HT-PEMFC). We aim at developping a proprietary fuel cell architecture that suits our components. HYCCO is not dedicated to fuel cell mass production but intervenes as a technology facilitator, by proposing:
• expertise on PEM-HT technology,
• integration service for our developped materials into existing systems,
• operating licences related to the developed innovative architecture
Friday AM


Himydata is a startup in the digital field that offers a new generation data integration platform. The company was founded in 2018 by David BESSOUDO (CEO) with the objective of simplifying the entire stack of large data in companies in order to facilitate access to this data. Saturday AM


IMOPE allows the creation, visualization and dissemination of buildings data for all territory and, target and support proactive actions to massify the energy renovation of residential building Thrusday AM


JOGADOC develops innovative, playful and practical musical instruments. 100% made in France around eco-responsible and human valerus. Saturday PM


Smart-City’ offer
KERMAP develops tailor-made solutions to help metropolises update their planning documents and facilitate their actions for the benefit of the environment. For more than a year, the company has been marketing services for the analysis of urban vegetation and its benefits for the environment: the limitation of soil waterproofing, carbon storage and the management of heat islands. The partnership with world leaders in geographical platform publishers (ESRI and Dassault Systèmes) ensures that KERMAP integrates its services into the marketplace of these publishers and direct access to their customers. The ‘Smart-City’ offer is based on a unique economic model of service.
‘Smart-Agri’ offer
KERMAP develops cloud solutions to monitor agricultural activity and provide diagnostics on the status of current and future productions. The company is setting up a SaaS platform for visualization and analysis of all agricultural parcels in France. Indicators calculated on the basis of time series of satellite images allow multiple uses such as the regulatory control of good agricultural practices and the estimation of the quantity and the quality of the productions. The user benefits from weekly updates, measurement history and management recommendations.
The economic model is based on a subscription offer that varies according to the analysis surface and the desired metrics.
Thrusday AM
LeanCo Software solution for Lean Construction deployment Friday PM
Les companions


Our collaborative robot allows to assist painters in hard and dull tasks, such as preparatory works, sanding, and taping-less cut-ins.

The new methodology we propose has 4 steps:
1) Surfaces observation and diagnostic, this is step is achieved by a human, this is the same step as for traditional painting
2) Scan of the work environment, thanks to a 3d camera, this leads to a 3d mock-up of the operations environment
3) Visual programming, the painter easily interacts with his finger on a touch screen, so as to indicate the surfaces to be operated
4) Operations achieved by the machine, meanwhile the painter achieves the finer works or preparatory steps

Friday PM


LiveStep designs a connected solution around mobility (fall, wandering) for nursing homes’ residents. Based on connected insoles that analyse walk activity and carpets that detect crosses , it alerts nursing staff on fall, walk degradation and wandering. Thrusday PM


The smart medication reminder for kids Thrusday PM


myLabel is the first digital platform that connects consumers with associations, brands & retailers, allows them to purchase products aligned with their values, fosters responsible consumption and enables new sustainable products to reach the market. Thrusday PM


TEP ambitions is to revolution mouth and tooth pathologies.
The whole population will benefit of a great prevention tool made of a specific camera associated to a dedicated app and a smartphone’s AI.
TEP is much more than existing online appointment solutions.
Now creating a link between online medicine, artificial intelligence and a dedicated communication system, TEP is tailor made for mouth and tooth care.TEP camera and its artificial intelligence are dedicated to the whole family. Everyone becomes actor of his own health condition.
TEP is universal. The professional version especially designed for nurses or health care centers leads to everyone’s possibility to be considered, even being isolated.
TEP efficiently fights against medical desertification while giving everyone an easy access to dental care.
Easy to use and ergonomic, the camera becomes a daily tool dedicated to prevention and communication with your dentist.
Thrusday PM
Packet AI


We are developing a preventive AIOps solution which uses cutting edge ML to predict issues within IT infrastructure (full stack) and provides quick remediation before customers are impacted. We are building a deep learning based software solution which allows IT teams to predict and resolve incidents before they impact customers. Our solution can be installed on premise (or in a virtual environment) and follows Friday AM


PrediSurge develops and provides decision support solutions for cardiovascular interventions. They use our patented technology to generate patient-specific predictive numerical simulations, based on geometry and physics of patient anatomy and medical device design. Our solutions are designed to secure and fasten preoperative planning of endovascular interventions, making them less risky and expensive. Thrusday PM


Maintners is a web platform which organize building maintainance to help both building managers and maintainance companies. Thanks to Maintners they save time, are more cost effective, environnementally-friendly and can easelly connect to each others. Friday PM


Spectral is a startup that develops a mixed reality based solution which allows industrial companies to store and share their know-how in order to improve their workforce’s skills. Friday PM


To go somewhere, you use a GPS and in an instant, you know the best itinerary, avoiding traffic jam and roadworks. We do the same for companies that develop software. We help teams to work better together with software tools implementing best practices. Saturday PM


Flexible OLEDs for lighting
automotive, military and medical
Friday PM


We develop the “home-based smart retirement home” for elderly people by combining human help and technical solution. Our technology detects falls and risky situations based on voice recognition, sound & movement analysis, and artificial intelligence. Thrusday PM


Unéole transforms the wind into energy in the heart of cities. For this, the company is divided into 2 activities, prospecting for urban wind farms, and a low-carbon  easy ton instal and silent wind turbine. We enhance an energetic transition in cities Thrusday AM


Unikiwi designs furniture with organic and non standard shapes, customizable according to their functions (seats, storage, shelters, etc.). This high-end furniture is totally unique, modeled with generative design, and creates the interface between architectural projects and works of art! Saturday PM


WaryMe improves users security in public places, schools, transports, companies and tomorrow the whole smart city. To address the major risks we provide the first all in one mobile application, integrating alerting, crisis management and mass notification Thrusday AM


Watiz develops an app, a shopping assistant,  which lets users snap any pieces of clothing and instantly find the same items within millions of references. With Watiz, shoot the look you want to shop! Saturday AM


WaToo fights against sensitive data and documents leaks by insiders or trusted actors (partners, subcontractors). Our solutions are based on three main principles: Dissuasion, identification and accountability of malevolent behaviors Friday AM
Winmaker Have you ever feel this breath when a vehicle pass next to you during a walk or bike ride? Likewise, when you are in the traffic jam and cars in the opposite direction of traffic make your car moving. Nowaday, this wind potential is not exploited. What if we reduce the  carbon footprint of our vehicles by producing green energy through them?
This is the challenge launched by Wind Maker
Wind Maker want to recover the energy generated by vehicle passages, as well as the natural wind, thank to small vertical axis wind turbines, in order to give autonomy to facilities and equipments installed next to transportation ways. Wind Maker technology is a module composed of vertical axis wind turbines, a wind optimization device and photovoltaics panels. The number of modules is adapted to consumption of the client and according to the location.
Friday AM


Yelda is a SaaS enterprise-ready voice platform. We voice enable your brand on Google Assistant, Google Home & Alexa in a minute, thanks to our pre-trained modules like Voice Commerce, Customer Service, Hiring or Lead Generation. Saturday AM

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