The Secure Compression Lab: IMT launches the first joint laboratory for data security and compression, alongside an SME and a start-up company

The explosion of media appears to be never-ending and data storage and transmission capacities (mainly video and 3D) are improving, but at a slower rate than the increase in the volume of data. In this context, it is increasingly important to control future compression and safeguarding of data.

The aim of this new academic/business cooperative venture is to study the demand for and development of standards in the field and to qualify these standards (to carry out a technical analysis of standards to find out if they meet identified requirements) in accordance with business models, to propose algorithmic and systematic improvements and meet market needs. The partners of the joint laboratory are IMT, which brings its academic expertise in compression and security, Doremi, the current global leader in digital cinema servers, and Secure-IC, an expert in the design of security components.       

Philippe Letellier, Director of Innovation at IMT, “Media consumption appears to be unlimited and requires the development of new solutions for compressing data in order for it to be both stored and transmitted. This data holds significant value which drives an entire industry, so it is crucial to develop resources for safeguarding it. Doremi, a global leader in digital cinema servers, and Secure-IC, a spin-off company of the Institut recognized for its expertise in security components, have agreed to address these research themes with a view to the cooperative construction of future secure compression, and hope to benefit from the globally recognized expertise of the Institut Mines-Télécom in these matters. I am delighted with the connection we have formed with these high-growth technological SMEs. IMT is fully playing its role as a research institution at the service of economic development”.        

Camille Rizko, President and Chief Executive Officer at Doremi,

Doremi has been supporting its clients in video and audio digital content management for more than 25 years. In order to strengthen its technological advancement in the compression and safeguarding of data content, Doremi is forming a technical partnership with IMT and Secure-IC. With the professional expertise of Secure-IC in security and the acclaimed excellence of IMT laboratories, we have two outstanding partners for this collaborative project.”  

Hassan Triqui, President and Chief Executive Officer of Secure-IC, “Secure-IC is extremely proud of its partnership with two organizations as prestigious as Doremi, the global leader in the field of digital cinema servers, and IMT, the benchmark international institution in research and innovation. We hope to put our skills and intellectual property in security components to use within this partnership in order to cooperatively plan for future provision, and ensure this provision features an adequate level of assurance in digital technology.”   

The joint laboratory will focus on 4 research areas:

–  Area 1. Analysis of market developments and usage requirements,

–  Area 2. Algorithmic research into media compression,

–  Area 3. Algorithmic research and design of security components,

–  Area 4. System analysis of technical solutions,

The Secure Compression Lab is jointly managed by Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu (Télécom Paris) who is responsible for compression and Frédéric Cuppens (Télécom Bretagne) responsible for security. The research results will feature in scientific publications and will constitute intellectual property (patents and software will be used directly by the two SMEs).

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