Prizes awarded to two productions from the Mines-Télécom Virtual Grande Ecole at the 2013 University Educational Film Festival

These productions are two of eight to win prizes during the second edition of this film festival, held from 23rd to 25th October. The festival aims to be a platform demonstrating how audiovisual media contributes to knowledge transfer and to the launch of a successful professional career for students.


The case study prize was awarded to the film “Les ECSPER: le robot tueur”

Directed by Gregory Charlet, Anne-Françoise Gourgues and Claude Robin, this film was co-produced by Mines Douai and Mines ParisTech with UNIT.

Synopsis: ECSPER transports you into the world of a scientific laboratory where you, a student or young engineer, will play the role of a scientific expert in charge of uncovering the cause of an accident: a robot falls in the factory and the director is injured; the judge calls you in, it’s all because of a snapped bolt. Why did it break? Is someone to blame? This initial adventure plunges you into the heart of a legal enquiry combining scientific investigations, role play, cartoons, cartoon animation and mystery… Join Mathieu and Maud in the adventure!

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The editorial resources prize was awarded to “Parlez-vous chinois ?”

These online Chinese language learning modules, by Stéphanie Evans, were produced by Mines Nantes. Edited under the Creative commons license, they are also available on IPhone/iPad.

Synopsis: learn how to introduce yourself, buy things, order a meal and talk about your family, studies and hobbies etc. The five Chinese language learning modules cover all of these day-to-day situations, and also offer an insight into Chinese culture and civilization. This initiation into language and culture takes 20 hours. Students can develop language skills through different interactive situations while talking about subjects that correspond to their interests; in this way learning is centered directly on the student, increasing motivation. From an intercultural point of view, students discover the Chinese culture and way of life.

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IMT Virtual Grande Ecole

Faced with the cultural breakthroughs stemming from digital technology, globalization and the new needs of businesses, schools must adapt their education techniques. The aim of the Mines-Télécom Virtual Grande Ecole is to co-build a shared, collective tool for improving teaching efficiency in education. It supports initiatives to increase educational uses of digital technology in order to allow distance learning, to contribute to the professional development of teachers, develop collaboration and cooperation, and set up new teaching innovations (with or without ICT).

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