Philippe Rivet is named Dean of Télécom Ecole de Management

Philippe Rivet, 54 years old, has been named Dean of Télécom Ecole de Management. He will take over from Emmanuel Sartorius, who has acted as interim Dean since August 1, 2013. Philippe Rivet’s objective is to place the School within the top ten in France and the top 30 in Europe between now and 2017.

Philippe Rivet: 17 years in the IT industry before joining the academic world

For over 17 years, Philippe Rivet worked in the high-tech industry, for companies such as Hewlett Packard. In 2002, Philippe joined the academic world, first as Director of the Advanced Master’s Programs at Grenoble School of Management, and then as Vice Dean at ESC Rennes School of Business. In 2013, Philippe joined Télécom Ecole de Management as Dean for Academic Programs.

Be among the top 10 French business schools and top 30 in Europe

Philippe Rivet seeks to have Télécom Ecole de Management be among the best French, indeed European, business schools between now and 2016.

We want to increase our visibility and our reputation internationally. The School has a strong dual expertise in management and information technologies (IT), which is our key to success. We want our students and alumni to be at the heart of the digital transformation of both business and society. We want also, as a public school, to offer this excellence to all students, regardless of their background”, said Philippe Rivet.

Reminder: the Financial Times recently ranked the School’s Integrated Master’s in Management Program 2nd worldwide in e-business, just behind the University of Shanghai.

Plan for International Development 

To obtain its objectives, Télécom Ecole de Management has engaged in the following four actions:

  1. It will open 3 international campuses in the USAChina and India to ensure its presence in ICT growth areas. Its first campus will open in September 2014 at Virginia Tech (USA).
  2. It has joined the test bank Pass-World to double the number of its international students in its Integrated Master’s in Management Program on its campus in Evry, south of Paris.
  3. It will launch 3 new Masters of Science taught in English: MSc in “Social Media” (2014), MSc in “Technology Management” (2015), MSc in “Big Data Management” (2016).
  4. It has already created a world class research laboratory named LITEM with  Grenoble School of Management and the University of Evry, which brings together over 130 researchers.