Institut Mines-Télécom reveals its National Center for Networks and Systems for Digital Transformation to boost the impacts of its digital sovereignty work

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To increase the impact of its activities in the field of digital sovereignty,
Institut Mines-Télécom is launching its National Center :
Networks and Systems for Digital Transformation

  • A center for coordinating IMT activities in the area of future communications networks and distributed systems for digital transformation;
  • A multi-school, multidisciplinary, multi-partner center in close cooperation with the industrial world;
  • A center for structuring a sovereign ecosystem aligning research, education, innovation and support for companies.

The National Center for Networks and Systems for Digital Transformation organizes and coordinates the activities of Institut Mines-Télécom schools related to this theme in association with academic and industrial partners. The center incorporates the needs of industrial stakeholders right from the start to provide a range of services and activities combining education, research, innovation and transfer. Various major business sectors (e.g. transport, energy, health) will be closely involved in the center’s work to help identify unresolved challenges and potential solutions to explore. The center is aligned with national and European public policies and plays a key role in standardization. It contributes to the major programs co-led by the Institut Mines-Télécom as part of its overall strategy.

A comprehensive and integrated offer

The National Center is an original, flexible and responsive structure without walls. It will support various parts of the value chain thanks to the dynamics of the different scientific communities involved that are spread throughout the IMT schools. The center will contribute to cutting-edge research by taking advantage of test and innovation platforms based on international standards. It will also contribute to standardization work and incorporate its advances into the initial and lifelong learning programs offered at Institut Mines-Télécom schools.