Institut Mines-Télécom launches 2 new podcasts

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The latest science news from Institut Mines-Télécom is now available in podcast form! I’MTech, IMT’s scientific media platform, is launching two new podcasts:

  • L’apostrophe: a long-form podcast co-produced with TSN Carnot Institute. In this podcast, experts from IMT schools and other partners have in-depth conversations about sociotechnical issues like the industry of the future and 5G. The first episode focuses on the transformation of industry, and the related issues of digitization and servitization.
  • La minute I’MTech: this shorter podcast highlights a scientific issue in the context of news about a specific project or laboratory. The first episode features special guest Marios Kountouris, a researcher in communications at EURECOM. He talks about his ERC-funded “Sonata” project and how to change paradigms in communication.

You can find the first episodes of both podcasts on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Podcasts.

Or, find all the episodes on I’MTech:

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