IMT’s Ecological Transition Forum 2024 draws over 2,000 attendees


On Thursday, January 25, 2024, Institut Mines-Télécom organized a hybrid forum at Télécom Paris entitled “Engineers in a changing world: how do we define performance in light of urgent ecological concerns?”

350 students from Télécom Paris attended this year’s forum along with 2,000 students who followed the event live from Institut Mines-Télécom schools and partner schools.

Attendees reflected on urgent ecological issues and performance in a context of increasingly urgent ecological concerns and received insight from a panel of experts and committed professionals, including an analysis of current events and anecdotes drawing on first-hand professional experience.

Students from all schools were divided into working groups to focus on seven issues from the field to address urgent ecological situations, resulting in over 100 deliverables.


Watch the Youtube replay :