IMT creates its first Bachelor’s Degree with IRUP


IMT has launched its first Bachelor’s Degree in partnership with IRUP aimed at supporting SMEs and midcaps in the digital transition. Over a three-year period, the program will train future production managers in different regions who will facilitate industries’ transition towards the Factory of the Future.

For the first year, the training will take place as a classroom-based program, and will then continue as through a work-study contract.

Supporting companies’ digitization

IMT, which brings together 11 engineering and management graduate schools throughout France, is home to nearly 13,700 students, primarily enrolled in “grande école” programs, which issue 5-year degrees. As a founding member of the Industry of the Future Alliance, which unites professional organizations and institutions, it is now developing a range of comprehensive training programs (from Bachelor’s to PhD degrees) to support companies in this industrial transformation.

Relying on its experience in training engineers and its knowledge of the business world’s needs, IMT is offering its first short training program in partnership with IRUP, its Bachelor’s Degree for Digital Transition Managers (“Responsable de la transition numérique”), which targets students who have passed the STI2D Baccalaureate. “Through this three-year program, we are supporting the industrial transition of SMEs and midcaps,” explains Frédérique Vincent, Director of Education at IMT. “These companies often have limited human resources and are in need of middle management staff that will assist them in digitizing their production activities”. Other training programs will then be offered for working professionals: options will include short, long, classroom-based and MOOC formats.

Combining experience and teaching

This Bachelor degree, implemented by IRUP in Saint-Étienne, will be supervised by an educational committee made up of the IMT Department of Education, and representatives from IRUP, Mines Saint-Étienne and IMT Atlantique. The curriculum will cover all the aspects of the digital transition that relate to an SME. The program will address information systems, new technology and its impacts on trades and processes, change management, etc. “Through our educational platform, we will combine experience within companies, specific teaching and role-playing,” explains Cyril Faure, managing director of IRUP, who has already planned a “technology summer program at the start of the degree program to harmonize students’ scientific and technological levels.” The training will include a first year aimed at acquiring fundamental knowledge and will continue through a work-study contract for the two following years. “The work-study aspect is IRUP’s core business, and mentoring represents the cornerstone of our educational approach,” explains Cyril Faure, the director of the institution.

20 students who have passed the STI2D Baccalaureate or Vocational Baccalaureate with a good level will be recruited based on application and interview. The first class will begin the training at the start of the 2017 school year.