Master of Science in Engineering

The 12 grandes écoles in Engineering offer programs which are taught in relatively small schools, with a high level of academic supervision designed to guarantee the students’ success.

Great opportunities for people who have studied in France

Chunlong, a graduate of SouthEast University in the Chinese province of Nanjing, first heard about IMT at a presentation in a lecture hall. When he arrived at Mines Douai after 3 months of French classes, he specialized in production systems…

Managing instability

In search of a positive learning environment, Raoul, originally from Lebanon, specialized in energy and processes at Mines Saint Etienne. Today he is an engineer in the oil industry, a sector that is constantly changing. I am an engineer in…

Expatriation: an academic challenge, but an even greater personal one

Sergio Martin-Prieto was born in Colombia. A Mines Saint-Etienne graduate, he specializes in chemical and process engineering. Here he describes his vision of expatriation as a human adventure. I studied at the University of Los Andes in Colombia.…

I studied in a field that didn’t exist 5 years ago

Originally from Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil), a fan of math and IT, Mike studied Data Sciences at Télécom ParisTech, an IMT graduate school, with the desire to found his own company and the ambition of enabling people to learn. I am a fan…


The Schools of IMT offer programs which are taught in relatively small schools, with a high level of academic supervision designed to guarantee students’ success.

The quality of teaching on offer at IMT is enhanced by the research activities of all our professors and supplemented by the strong ties we enjoy with the world of business, including partnerships with business experts who act as visiting professors.

Every year the graduate school establishes the maximum number of students that can be admitted to a given degree program to guarantee the best possible living and study conditions for students, allowing them to successfully complete their degrees and enter the job market.

Courses are taught mostly in French (French language classes are included in the program) but in some schools the course may be entirely taught in English; lessons in 2 foreign languages, including English, are part of the course.

Courses last 2 to 3 years, alternating between practical and theoretical scientific teaching and an extensive coverage of social, cultural, economic and management issues. The program ends with a 6-month paid internship. Students receive their first job offer less than a month after graduation.


Application for India, China, Colombia and Brazil

You may apply to a Master of Science in Engineering and especially these options if you have successfully completed the first three years of a first-rate Bachelor. Admission is competitive and selection is made on the basis of academic record, reference, personal statement, test results, and performance at interview.

Application for other countries

Please contact schools directly

IMT has regional offices in Brazil, China, Columbia, India and Indonesia.

Please contact your nearest representative for any further information: they can offer advice and support to students interested by any of our programs.

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