The Gaia-X hub France publishes a briefing note on the occasion of Vivatech: “The value of Gaia-X in the development of the European economy using generative AI solutions”

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With the massive development of AI, data has now become a crucial element which must be shared and processed within an environment of trust. In its briefing note, the Gaia-X hub France steering committee, led by Institut Mines-Télécom in close collaboration with Cigref, confirmed its interest in generative AI developed according to European values: transparency, openness, interoperability, trust, sustainability and ethics.

AI relies on models that must be continuously updated with new data to ensure the relevance of results and improve the quality of responses. “Learning data is crucial in ensuring the proper functioning of these Artificial Intelligence solutions; it must have a wide field of observation in order to cover what needs to be modeled,” according to the briefing. Since 75% of the data comes from companies, it must be able to be circulated within a trust framework established between stakeholders in an ecosystem.

Trust in AI systems is simultaneously dependent on trust in the cloud infrastructure which hosts the learning models and data, the origin of these models, and consent for their use. The description of the consent chain must therefore comply with standards to ensure that it has been given for the intended uses,” the authors of the briefing note explain.

AI is quickly becoming widespread and entire sectors of the economy will depend on it. However, we must not forget the ethical and societal issues. Through its briefing note, Gaia-X hub France is playing its part by recalling the importance of having transparent and interoperable data and cloud infrastructures, which are essential for establishing trusted AI.”

Anne-Sophie Taillandier, director of the Gaia-X hub France.