Telemedicine: live broadcasting of 2 surgical operations

On 14 June, IMT will help organize a telemedicine event during which two live surgical operations will be broadcast simultaneously.

A first digestive operation will be performed at the Ecole de Chirurgie in Nancy with the help of a Da Vinci robot and will be broadcast in 3D. A second, endoscopic surgery operation will be performed in the ENT department of the Nancy Regional University Hospital Center (CHRU) and broadcast in 2D.

The two operations will be broadcast at the Nancy Ecole de Chirurgie as well as at Espoo-Helsinki and will be followed by discussions about the value of telesurgery and simulation in improving surgical skills and certifications.

This event is made possible through the use of a high-performance telemedicine platform, developed and validated in the European Hipermed project, in which IMT was a partner.

A new European project, the E3 project (E-Health services Everywhere & for Everybody) will focus on adapting this platform for lower-capacity networks and for new devices such as tablets. IMT is participating in this project and is responsible for establishing and validating Professional to Professional and Professional to Patient scenarios. French partners who participated in Hipermed and are taking part in E3 include the Université de Lorraine, Vitec Multimedia and IMT.