Narendra JUSSIEN appointed as Director of Télécom Lille


Narendra Jussien, age 41, is a professor of computer science at IMT, who previously headed up the Computer Science Department at the Ecole de Mines in Nantes. A graduate of Angers’ Institut de Mathématiques Appliquées, with a doctorate in computer science from the Université de Rennes I and a research directorship diploma from the Université de Nantes, Narendra Jussien joined the Ecole de Mines in Nantes after completing his national service with the General Armaments Directorate. He rose through the ranks in Nantes (teaching group coordinator, course director, research team director) before being named head of the Computer Science Department in 2008, combining teaching and research activities focused on software science and technology.

Narendra Jussien has also made a significant contribution to the organisation of the scientific community at national level in his area of expertise, founding the French Association for Constraint Programming. He remains an active presence at international level, thanks to constraint solver Choco (awarded a silver medal at the 2013 constraint solver contest) and his role as editor in chief of the collection “Constraint Programming and Operations Research” for specialists publishers ISTE/Wiley, a role which he will continue to occupy concurrently with his new responsibilities as Director.

Dr. Jussien took up his new role as Director of Télécom Lille on January 1st 2014, stepping into the shoes of Bertrand Bonte who has moved on to a new role with IMT’s General Management team.

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