Kate Grieve, winner of the 2022 Jean Jerphagnon Award

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The annual Optics-Photonics Events, jointly organized by IMT and Académie des Technologies, was held on July 7 during a special session at Congrès OPTIQUE, an optical convention in Nice. The event provided the perfect opportunity for announcing the winner of the Jean Jerphagnon Award.

Each year, researchers, students and industry stakeholders gather for the Jean Jerphagnon Award ceremony, which recognizes innovation in the field of optics-photonics. This year, the jury and its president, Alain Aspect of the Académies des Sciences et des Technologies, presented the award to Kate Grieve, Director of Research Director at the INSERM Vision Institute. Grieve is an expert in adaptive optics, full-field optical coherence tomography and retinal imaging.

Watch Kate Grieve’s video on the high-resolution imaging platform at the Quinze-Vingts Ophthalmology Hospital :

The Jean Jerphagnon Award

The Jean Jerphagnon Award, organized by IMT and the Académie des Technologies, with support from Fondation Mines-Télécom, aims to honor the memory and continue the work of Jean Jerphagnon. The telecommunications engineer, inventor and researcher died in 2005 after a remarkable career which included basic research and innovation in the field of optics and photonics. This award, with an annual budget of €12,000, aims to promote technological innovation and the dissemination of optics and photonics in all areas of application by recognizing a researcher who has conducted cutting-edge research and also succeeded in transferring it.

There is currently an abundance of technology transfers and innovations inspired by academic research, as illustrated by the candidates for the Jean Jerphagnon Award, who often lead entrepreneurial projects. This award aims to connect the worlds of research and industry. The Optics-Photonics Events for the Industry of the Future provide a natural setting for gathering stakeholders to discuss the latest developments and great advances of the future.