Institut Mines-Télécom reveals its selection of start-up at VivaTech

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  • 28 deeptech and positive-impact start-up
  • Start-up received the French Tech Springboard certification and the winners of the “Up to Start by IMT” competition
  • Theme days: ecological transition, industrial transition, B2B digital transition, B2C digital transition

The network of Institut Mines-Télécom incubators presents its technological and positive-impact start-up at Vivatech. The companies were selected according to four main themes: ecological transition, industrial transition, B2B digital transition and B2C digital transition. The network is backed by laboratories from Institut Mines-Télécom schools and is France’s leading public network of academic and deeptech incubators.

This year, Institut Mines-Télécom’s selection demonstrates the diverse range of solutions start-ups have pursued to meet societal and ecological challenges, in keeping with Vivatech’s key phrase: “the future is now”. They respond to needs for the modernization of industry and companies’ challenges in the areas of cybersecurity and process digitization. They also provide valuable tools for everyday life and recreational activities.

  • Start-up are exploring futuristic mobility solutions with the FlyCopter Project and üMotion as well as responsible innovations with Comin (a chauffeur-driven transport solution) and Gare Ta Bécane to simplify people’s lives.
  • There are also technological solutions to improve people’s quality of life such as Upeak, which motorizes wheelchairs and Sonaide, a very discreet remote assistance unit. DePlano connects individuals and lawyers and Gobiworld connects major mobile wallet operators in Africa.
  • Positive-impact start-ups Behav (plant-based leather) and Boudi (eco-responsible formwork for construction) offer alternatives to polluting materials. Lilalea monitors freshwater quality and designs public awareness campaigns. Jabu, on the other hand, reduces waste from institutional catering.
  • Heelio helps companies increase their productivity and agility by outsourcing financial management, Clever Value helps managers develop their value creation strategies and Lapala digitizes business processes. Cogneed chatbots provide support for customer service teams.
  • There are also technological solutions that improve energy efficiency such as Izaac, an energy flow monitoring platform and Entroview, which optimizes battery performance.
  • PS4, on the other hand, secures industrial equipment. Cybershen helps SMEs protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Cloud Data Engine digitizes compliance with Gaia-X standards. Deephawk takes industry into the future with AI-powered visual quality inspection and Scorp-IO makes it possible to monitor infrastructure and industrial equipment, while Mimopt Technology develops optical fibers of the future.
  • Mon Electrobox, a solution that teaches people about electronics, and Unboared, a solution for playing online games while waiting in line, show that technology can be fun and educational. There is also V-Event, which virtualizes events.
  • AMK Biotech is accelerating the search for new pharmaceutical treatments.