On November 26 and 27, IMT organized its 5th colloquium on the Industry of the Future in Paris: an important testimony to its commitment to this topic.

In tune with the ministerial strategic priorities presented by Emmanuel Macron in May 2015 on the “Industry of the Future” French national plan for the reindustrialization of the country, the IMT graduate schools, which are under the authority of the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Industry, took the opportunity to demonstrate their advances in research on the subject.

The Institute thus confirmed its key role in the Alliance for the Industry of the Future (AIF), of which it is a founding member.

The colloquium brought together 100 or so experts and research professors working on the topics addressed, as well as partners of the schools, industrialists and correspondents of the supervising Ministry.

Conferences and testimonies were organized throughout the 2 days, on topics including “composite materials”, “additive manufacturing”, “automating, internal logistics, robotics”, “energy efficiency”, “digitalizing the value chain”, “control & monitoring” and “the place of humans in enterprises”.
Lastly, specialists came together for a roundtable titled “human-machine co-development” to debate on the issue.