IMT publishes two new online modules

As a founding partner of France’s Digital University (France université numérique – FUN), IMT is pushing ahead with its strategy of publishing course materials online, making them freely accessible to all. This February two new modules will go online: ‘Fundamental principles of data networks’ and ‘An introduction to mobile networks’.

Fundamental principles of data networks’: getting to know the technologies which underpin Internet and telephone networks

This module starts on February 3, and is comprised of around thirty video lessons. These lectures use simple analogies to introduce technical concepts, backed up with examples taken from real working networks.

The module also includes various online exercises and practical tasks, providing students with a grounding in the vocabulary, concepts and general mechanisms which are common to all network systems. This introductory program takes a look at the way in which global networks are organized, how their component systems operate and the crucial importance of standards and protocols.

The teaching staff for this module comprises lecturers and researchers from Télécom Bretagne, Télécom SudParis and Télécom Paris.


Enrolment is open until February 1, and classes will finish on April 4.

‘An introduction to mobile networks’: course starts February 18th

How much do you really know about GSM, 3G or LTE? Find out what’s hiding behind the acronyms, and learn to understand the way these mobile communications networks function, allowing you to access the internet and make calls whether you’re in the city or in the middle of the countryside. This module includes video lessons and tests spread over 8 weeks. The teaching staff includes researchers and lecturers from Télécom Bretagne, and students can sign up via the FUN platform until February 24:

Check back in March to discover ‘new applications for digital manufacturing’

The Institut is also pleased to announce the arrival of a new module starting March 17, titled ‘Digital Manufacturing’. The aim is to explore how innovations make the transition from ideas to actual prototypes, incorporating elements of electronics, computer science, industrial design and collaborative research to examine new tools and techniques of digital manufacturing such as 3D printing. Enrolment is already open via the FUN platform:

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