IMT–Académie des Sciences Awards The 2023 awards go to Jacques Besson and Julien Tierny

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The IMT–Académie des Sciences Awards recognizes the merits of leading scientists who have made exceptional contributions to their fields. These awards related to Institut Mines-Télécom’s strategic themes – responsible industry of the future, digital sovereignty and sobriety, energy, circular economy and society, engineering for health and well-being – honor researchers who have made several recognized scientific advances or a major innovation. The 2023 awards showcased research on materials, essential building blocks for ecological and industrial transition and topological data analysis, a relatively new field in computer science.

IMT–Académie des Sciences Grand Prix: Jacques Besson, CNRS Research Director at the Materials Center (CDM – CNRS/Mines Paris – PSL)

After completing his postdoctorate in the United States, Jacques Besson turned his attention to the fracture mechanisms of metals. After graduating from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines in Paris in 1992, he joined the CNRS where he conducted research in close collaboration with industry.

Young Scientist Award: Julien Tierny, CNRS Research Director at LIP6 (CNRS/Sorbonne University)

Julien Tierny’s research overlaps the fields of computer science and applied mathematics by proposing to analyze the structure and topology of complex data with specific algorithms.