“Educational Technology Research Workshop for the Development of Engineering Education Skills” Days


The IMT Academy for Educational Transformations organized the “Innovative Methods and Tools for Educational Technology” (IMT4ET) group days on May 27 and 28. Through this group, the Academy brings together its actors in research, development and innovation in pedagogy and educational technology in order to create a drive for research.

The purpose of these days was threefold:

  • Bring the interested parties together,
  • Initiate research by the IMT4ET group,
  • Set up working groups based on the themes chosen by the participants.

The first day opened with two scientific presentations. Julien Broisi looked at: “Competency-based approaches: from design of training curricula to automatic generation of customized learning sequences”. Mar Perèz Sanagustin spoke about: “10 years of MOOCs: The new instrument for exploration and research” from IRIT – Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse. The day continued with two sessions of 10 papers on topics related to the concept of skills.

The second day focused on feedback on pedagogical continuity with an international round table featuring presentations by Gaëlle Molinari (TECFA – University of Geneva, Switzerland), Bruno Delièvre (University of Mons, Belgium), Eric Sanchez (LIP – University of Fribourg, Switzerland) and Olivier Épinette (ITM BS – Evry), followed by six presentations by professionals in the teaching community.

These two days were a great success, with nearly 70 participants contributing to the many discussions, resulting in the creation of seven working groups.

The groups are currently looking for new members, to enable the emergence of research work on the educational transformations of the IMT schools.