E. Macron and J. Chambers interact with IMT students during multiplex broadcast

On Wednesday, April 13th, Emmanuel Macron and John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, addressed IMT students at Télécom Paris.

Students from 10 IMT schools were present via multiplex to exchange with the Minster for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs and the Executive Chairman of Cisco.

Macron ChambersEmmanuel Macron began the event with a speech, declaring that France was in the midst of a cultural and economic transformation. He explained to students that they are “participants in this transformation” and encouraged them to play a part in developing the French economy by innovating as entrepreneurs: “The world is advancing at such a pace that the qualities we need are those of entrepreneurs. The economy must become more agile, encouraging innovation and the creation of new companies.” He also urged them to take risks so they could “design the country of tomorrow”.

He highlighted the role that IMT plays in allowing this new generation to play a part in the world of tomorrow, and above all to invent this world to come.

The minister noted that the students would have to receive training throughout their lives in order to adapt to changes. Life-long learning will be crucial in this fast-changing world. This, he explained, is why “schools must rethink their role in with regards to life-long learning.”.

Students then had the chance to ask their questions on a variety of topics, including the economic attractiveness of France, innovation and entrepreneurship, the “uberization” of education, and the opening of public data.

csm_Macron_signature-chaire-Cisco_Telecom-Paris-Tech_29249c4793Following these exchanges, Cisco and Télécom Paris announced the creation of the Cisco-Télécom Paris “NewNet@Paris” Chair of Excellence. This teaching and research chair focuses on networks of the future.

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