Conference on natural resources and environment

IMT has the pleasure of inviting you to its conference on natural resources, which attempts to provide answers to a vitally important question:

How can the subsoil contribute to the sustainable development of our society?

Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 November 2014 – from 9am to 5pm
46 Rue Barrault, 75013 Paris  

This conference will be the opportunity to highlight the research carried out by the Institute’s graduate schools on this subject, via presentations, posters and a roundtable discussion bringing together acknowledged authorities from the field.

The development and exploitation of natural resources was, more than 200 years ago, at the origin of the French government’s creation of the first Mines school. Whether these resources relate to minerals, energy, water or air, they are a driving force for the economy and a major, long-term concern for our society, not only in terms of supply but also of the management of their industrial cycle and the environmental impact of their use. All the IMT graduate schools (Mines as well as Télécom) are now contributing to the debate in a complementary way.

On the agenda for this conference are four main themes:

  • Mineral and hydrocarbon resources
  • Underground storage and recycling
  • Water and air resources
  • ICT and observation of the environment

Among the presentations on 5 November:

  • Fractured media: thermo-hydro-dynamic characterization and process
  • Mining through leaching and recuperation in situ
  • Underground storage of acid gases
  • Recycling of concrete and sediments

And a roundtable on the topic: ‘What contribution can the subsoil make to the sustainable development of our society?’

Among the presentations on 6 November:

  • Water and air, valuable resources that belong to us all: what research for what industrial and societal needs?
  • Water resources at the level of drainage basins: example of the Rhône and the Seine
  • Environmental surveillance of air quality: the need for new sensors and sampling strategies
  • New treatments for emerging pollutants
  • High-resolution satellite images of marine ecosystems: ICT issues and contributions


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