Teralab, Institut Mines-Télécom’s AI and Big Data Platform, and Nexedi launch an alternative to big hyperscalers

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The two groups are making concrete progress in the expansion of GAIA-X toward a sovereign and interoperable cloud

Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT), a founding member of GAIA-X through its Teralab AI and big data platform, and Nexedi are taking open-source computer tools to the industrial scale in the European arena. They are providing a comprehensive, reliable alternative to the prevailing solutions offered by hyperscalers. The plan to introduce a new programming language on the Teralab platform operated in cooperation with Nexedi based on the SlapOS open-source cloud software demonstrates the usefulness of the model in line with the GAIA-X project. It will provide businesses, industry players and computer science researchers with solutions to ensure their technological independence and allow them to create future strategic solutions based on AI and big data.