Prologue, Télécom SudParis and IMT sign a technological partnership in the field of collaborative digital healthcare


Prologue, Télécom SudParis and IMT have just signed a technological partnership called HEBE which is intended to provide solutions based on technology using Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things) and Machine-to-Machine communication technology, in the fields of medical assistance and remote care for people with reduced mobility or autonomy.

Built on scientific collaboration that has been in place for 7 years between Prologue and Télécom SudParis in the framework of three national and European collaborative projects (the FP7 MobiThin project, the Future Investments program, the CloudPort project and the ITEA2 MEDUSA project), HEBE will be founded on a partnership between Prologue and Télécom Sud-Paris. To validate its concepts it will rely on the Information and Autonomy Living Lab set up by IMT and the Lorraine Social Health Office (and its Ecole de la Vie Autonome).

The project’s aim is to use Cloud Computing and Big Data to develop solutions for medical assistance based on the compatibility of health applications with connected things, which play the role of sensors. Solutions proposed will thus allow medico-social care to be provided in real time to patients, thanks to remotely activated signals and rapid and appropriate treatment. A variety of uses will be possible, such as observation of a patient’s exercises to ensure movements are being carried out correctly, or forewarning of fits of epilepsy through the detection of indicator movements.

The project will be open to different actors within the world of healthcare in order to create a network to incorporate knowledge from all technological and professional domains within the health sector.

It will last 6 years and will be executed in 3 phases, during which engineers and researchers will work together on design, production and deployment. This last phase, devoted to real cases of use, will last 3 years.

For the project, Prologue will use its most recent Cloud technology tools and will provide a generic software platform enabling the integration of statistical models for third-party medical Big Data, as well as the deployment within the Cloud of solutions for generic analytical applications. This will interact with the different facilities and innovative methods made available by IMT. Validation work carried out thanks to the Living Lab will be used for ISO standardization work on MPEG wearables, led by Télécom SudParis.

In time the project will lead to the creation of an innovative health services platform based on networks between movable objects and medical management applications in order to improve the medical care and monitoring of patients.


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